Sabrina Foulks-Thomas, CPM, LM, IBCLC, CPES is the owner of Birth in Color Midwifery, LLC, practicing as the first African American Certified Professional Midwife in the state of Wisconsin entering her 7th year. Sabrina has a B.A. in Physiology and Chemistry with a minor in American Sign Language from University of Minnesota and an Associates degree of Science in Nursing from Cardinal Stritch University. Prior to becoming a CPM, Sabrina was a birth doula in the community, serving families for 16 years from creating a doula program at North Division high school working with teenage families, to supporting adoptive families, and those in the prison systems. Sabrina has extensive training and experience in birth work and social justice. She has been able to attend more than 800 plus births in various capacities with a focal point of creating access to care.

Sabrina is also the Founder of the Birth in Color Initiative, a social justice non-profit organization aimed at training, educating more birth workers of color, creating funding to support and addressing infant mortality affecting black and brown babies impacted in Milwaukee, WI. Among the initiative’s goals are creating mobile midwifery clinics to provide accessible and quality prenatal care to anyone in need, regardless of where they plan to birth. The initiative aims to confront the racial disparities in birth outcomes for people of color in our community by implementing strategic methods that address the issue head on. She has been featured in Madison 365, Fox 6 News, and the Why Not Home? February 2018 issue highlighting these concerns.

Aside from community engagement and birth work, Sabrina has 5 beautiful children at home; that she truly enjoys homeschooling and an amazing husband that supports her work and motivations.