Tracey Russell is a mom with lived experience of stillbirth. Unfortunately, exposure to cultural insensitivity and implicit bias within the maternal and child health system during this difficult time resulted in her not being believed or taken seriously when raising concerns to healthcare providers. This experience has driven her to make a difference for others in similar situations and to advocate for change in the system.

The founder and CEO of Russell Family Doula Services, Tracey is a DONA-trained, full-spectrum doula with over 10 years of experience providing labor support, including high-risk pregnancies and births. She has also provided lactation consulting and postpartum support for families in their homes.

Tracey’s goal as a doula is to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to families during pregnancy, labor, and birth. She believes that every family should feel empowered to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth experience and she strives to create an environment of trust and respect.

Aside from being a doula, Tracey is a trained nursing assistant and peer support specialist who enjoys helping teens and young adults navigate life and reach their full potential.

Tracey looks forward to being part of a journey in helping to reduce disparities in maternal and child health.