Amira Caire serves as Special Projects Coordinator for the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness after years of serving as a volunteer and Wellness Ambassador. She is an accomplished  artist specializing in multiple mediums, and a celebrated former K-5 teacher in Madison, WI. Known by her colleagues and students over the years as a thought-provoking and forward-thinking individual, Amira is passionate about knowledge, progression, and reformation. With a background in Social-Emotional Learning, Amira is determined to elevate her community to become more aware of their mental health, relationships, and their personal goals for life success. 

Outside of FFBWW, Amira is the owner of Amiradescent Art and Design. Although digital art is her go-to, she also loves to create traditional sketches, mixed media, acrylic, and watercolor paintings. In June 2020, Caire, a lifelong, natural born artist, had never publicly shared her art or painted a mural. Inspired to create as a form of expression during the racial uprising and following George Floyd’s murder, Amira took a leap of faith after being approached by the City of Madison to create commissioned art pieces. This work catapulted her career and her decision to take her talent seriously. Before summer’s end, she had completed four murals for local businesses including the University of Wisconsin Bookstore, Overture Center for the Arts, and Tantra Wellness. Since then, she has completed commissions for Bridge Lake Point Waunona Neighborhood Center, Linville Architects LLC, Threshold, and the LunArt Festival who commissioned Amira to create the promotional art for their 2020 (Human Family) and 2023 (Reimagine) events. Amira’s work has also been published in the award-winning Let’s Talk About It: The Art, The Artists And The Racial Justice Movement on Madison's State Street which features hundreds of social justice murals painted in downtown Madison during the summer of 2020. Amira is determined to grow her portfolio and work to become a full-time freelance artist.