Well Black Woman® Institute

The Well Black Woman® Institute (WBWI) is a leadership training ground for Black Women committed to empowering a generation of Well Black Women.

The Well Black Woman® Institute (WBWI) builds the knowledge, skills, and capacity of Black Women to become health equity advocates, leaders, and change agents within our own lives, our community, and across the state. 

Framework & PURPOSE

The Well Black Woman® Institute is an innovative leadership development program that will serve as a springboard for participating fellows as they position themselves as leaders in the health equity and community justice fields. The core institute incorporates well-established power building, personal and collective empowerment, and capacity-building models to successfully prepare and activate women for social impact.

Our work is grounded in a theory of change that centers Black women as the locus of power and impact to drive transformation both on the personal, community, and systems level.

Purpose of the Institute

  • To mobilize and equip Black women as informed health equity advocates in Wisconsin.
  • To bridge Black women leaders with system, community, and cross-sector partners to impact transformational change.
  • To build a statewide coalition of empowered Black women to advance health equity in Wisconsin.
  • To co-create new equitable systems, structures, and ways of being that transform Black women's health and well-being in Wisconsin.
Institute Structure & TIME COMMITMENT

The Well Black Woman® Institute is an 8-month training experience organized for small learning cohorts of 10-15 Fellows each year. The program will be primarily virtual, with periodic in-person meet-ups.

The 2024 Fellow cohort engagement timeline will be February 1, 2024 - September 30, 2024.

Time Commitment

WBWI Fellows are expected to invest 6-8 hours per month on the training and developmental experience. We encourage you to assess whether you will be able to commit this time consistently over the 8-month Institute program as you consider applying.

The Institute training experience consists of:

  • One 2-hour Cohort Welcome event:
    Thursday, February 22, 2024, evening 6:00-7:00 virtual
  • Two monthly 2-hour live virtual group training sessions on Thursdays from 9am-11am
    March 14 & 28, 2024
    April 11 & 25, 2024
    May 9 & 23, 2024
    June 6 & 20, 2024

  • Module 6 Leadership Showcase day
    July 18, 2024 9am-3:30pm
    **Full day at our Madison center**
  • Required attendance at 16th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day event, date to be determined
  • Optional networking and wellness events

WBWI facilitators and instructors are experts in the field of public health, education, civic engagement, and transformative leadership. The WBWI connects participating fellows with leaders, systems partners, and mentors to leverage our collective work and to co-design solutions that respond to health equity gaps.

Culminating Project

WBWI Fellows will complete a required culminating project to outline their plan of action in the months and years following the institute to amplify their impact on health equity in their communities. Fellows will be supported by staff and instructors to shape and develop their projects.

Post-Training Commitment

After completing the 8-month foundational training experience, WBWI Fellows are expected to remain engaged with the Institute for 2 years as mentors to new cohorts and as partners to inform, co-lead, and advocate alongside the Foundation on health equity efforts.


Black Women in Wisconsin who are passionate about driving change to improve health and well-being in their communities; and who are driven to collaborate with other Black Women and organizational partners for powerful collective action.


The application for the 2024 - Cohort 3 is now closed.

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The Well Black Woman Institute (WBWI) is a leadership training ground for Black women committed to empowering a generation of Well Black Women and families. The WBWI builds the knowledge, skills, and capacity of Black Women to become health equity advocates, leaders, and change agents within our own lives, our community, and across the state. The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is designing the WBWI so that Black Women are leaders in reshaping the conditions in which they live, work, and play.

The WBWI is a training ground for Health equity leaders.
The WBWI empowers Black Women to become health equity Advocates.
The WBWI builds the Skills for Black women to step into our full power. 
The WBWI builds the knowledge for Black Women to lead, shape and influence our environment. 
We believe...
In a world where Black women and girls live long, happy and thriving lives.

Read more about the Foundation’s vision and history here.
We believe...
Black women are most qualified to shape and lead equity efforts that directly impact our lives and health.

Black women and communities equipped with knowledge, skills, information, and access to networks of power will lead powerful change in our communities.

Read more about these assumptions in our Policy and Advocacy Framework here.

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness (FFBWW) is committed to inspiring and energizing our Fellows. You will be connected with Black Women across Wisconsin and the United States who are thought leaders, visionaries, trailblazers, and scholars. As Fellows, you will uncover,  leverage and celebrate your individual and collective  wisdom and strength as you get activated to lead powerful change in your community and as a partner to FFBWW.

Collaborative Learning 
Purposefully sequenced content and speakers with the opportunity to co-create and reshape knowledge.
Vibrant and engaging environment facilitating relationships and transformation.
Resource sharing, community gatherings, summits, and continuous communication following the foundational experience.  
Deep Leadership Exploration 
Tools and self-reflective opportunities to recognize and cultivate internal gifts, wisdom, talents, and knowledge.


fellow served to date.

Overview of roles and professions


Community Health Workers


Registered Nurses




Community Health Workers


Licensed Mental Health Therapists


Community Engagement / Outreach Managers


Founders / Entrepreneurs

County Presentation

Dane County
Milwaukee County
Rock County

Fellows routinely celebrate the quality and importance of participating in the institute.

“The WBWI has changed my understanding of health equity by showing the foundation for the health disparities women in Wisconsin face and why it is so important we stand up and advocate for health equity in our communities”
“I take away the importance of Black Women and using our voices to make changes and to support each other in these changes.”

As a result of participating in the institute fellows report a renewed commitment to spurring change in Wisconsin.

“ I can get more involved in the community to help women who are unable to advocate for themselves, advocate and have their voices heard to get better and equal access to health resources.”
“I will use this knowledge to give to my children, family and to those I come in contact with.”
“I can apply what I learned in this module to help me practice as a health equity leader by understanding that the impact I will make on the world is long overdue and well-needed because we are still battling adversities that are a result of historical and modern racism aimed to break us.”
** Testimonials from the 2022-23 Data Report compiled by UW-PHI partners

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