Tamara N. Thompson is a Black femme activist, Lactation Counselor, Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Student Midwife originally from Illinois and has lived in Wisconsin since 2004. 

Tamara studied  Humanities at the University of Wisconsin Madison and is a current student of Midwifery at the Midwives College of Utah. Tamara is a founding member of the Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective, co-founder of Harambee Village, a community based doula organization, The Birthing Project of Madison, WI., and Maroon Calabash, a Black Womyn led Reproductive Justice organization.

As a dedicated doula serving families in the greater Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI areas through the full circle of pregnancy, Tamara provides emotional, educational, and physical support as families weight options, navigate the health care system, select a care provider, and use self-care recovery measures after birth.

Tamara’s activism work includes the intersections of pregnancy and economic status, racism, incarceration, trauma, gender identity, ability, trauma, and access to human milk. With a specific interest as a health policy advocate, Tamara engages local, state, and federal legislators to highlight ways pregnant people are impacted by current laws, bills that are introduced, and ways that legislation in the state of Wisconsin and our nation could better support pregnant people.

As a future midwife of excellence, Tamara’s strategic goal to establish a freestanding birth center is her contribution to the movement to reclaim the legacies of historical Black American Midwives, and fulfill her commitment to the community. Tamara advocates for (while practicing) radical self-love, mindfulness, peaceful communication and honoring the sacred Mother Earth.

Tamara is mother to 10 children (seven from her womb), a proud aunt, and a dedicated life partner. She is a lover of coffee, Tetris, houseplants, family road trips, and all forms of art.