Alexis Kristina Harrell is a native of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and rising junior at the illustrious Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in the spring of 2025. Alexis’s career goals consist of attending and graduating medical school and residency adolescent and young adult hematology and dermatology. Her interest in these specialties is due to her personal health issues, suffering from Von Willebrand’s disease, along with skin conditions such as acne. Alexis aspires to become a doctor who can relate to young ladies and adolescents suffering from diseases such as Von Willebrand’s and acne, along with its symptoms and effects that are challenging and expensive to acquire care and medication. Says Alexis, “Participating in the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness will provide me with firsthand exposure to healthcare disparities within the Black community, allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and needs of Black women.” Additionally, Alexis believes the internship will equip her with practical skills, knowledge, and a network of professionals that will enhance her understanding and demonstrate her commitment to addressing health inequities.