Aris Stovall is a native of Chantilly, Virginia and currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland where she attends the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Aris earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Sociology. Aris is currently a second-year Master of Science student at the Bloomberg School of Public Health on the Environmental Epidemiology track. The large disparity in pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality is a complicated issue that affects Black women in her community, both immediately and distally. Her goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the research in this field. To achieve this, Aris plans to pursue a DrPH in Maternal and Child Health and investigate the effect of psychosocial stressors on adverse birth outcomes in Black women. Aris is excited to join the FFBWW as a summer intern. She does not take lightly the opportunity to be mentored and trained by Black female public health professionals, while also contributing to the advocacy and empowerment of Black women over their reproductive health.