Camore Fordham is a Charleston, South Carolina native and rising Junior at Spelman College pursuing a Health Science Major on a pre-med track. For the next two summers, Camore is enrolled in the RUSCH program with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, which will provide her with valuable knowledge and experiences in the field of healthcare. Upon finishing college, Camore plans to attend medical school to get either her MD or MD-PhD. Throughout her studies, Camore plans to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology or dermatology, as both fields coincide with her interests and provide for direct patient care. After finishing medical training and residency, Camore hopes to open her own practice where she can serve patients with high-quality, culturally sensitive care. She will work aggressively to eliminate healthcare disparities by raising awareness, conducting research, and establishing community outreach initiatives that address the special health needs of the Black community. Camore is honored to intern with the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness given that it provides a unique opportunity to directly contribute to their purpose of improving Black women's well-being. She is excited to learn from the seasoned team, participate in relevant initiatives, and make a real difference in increasing health equity and empowerment for Black women in our community.