Ellie Rogers is a Maryland native pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. She is a student in the Department of Population and Family Health, focusing on Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health. She holds a BA in French from Skidmore College. Prior to enrolling at Mailman, Ellie worked at Breaking Ground, a New York City-based non-profit that provides supportive housing and social services to New Yorkers experiencing homelessness. This summer, before starting work for the Foundation, Ellie is assisting with a policy review report for the United Nations Population Fund examining national commitments and policy progress related to sexual and reproductive health in Eastern and Southern Africa. She will also be working as a research assistant for the RAISE Initiative at Columbia, analyzing barriers to reproductive health care in Chad. She volunteers for menstrual equity organization #HappyPeriod, organizing donation drives and fundraising events in her spare time. She is passionate about improving health equity and promoting health literacy. Ellie is excited to be joining the Foundation team this summer and promoting the organization’s mission of eliminating disparities, breaking down barriers, and empowering women through education and advocacy.