Eryne is a Magnolia, Delaware native and rising senior at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is pursuing a degree in Biology with a certificate in environmental studies. On campus, she is a Mercile J. Lee Scholar and is involved as a Shared Governance representative, Tutor, and undergraduate researcher. Eryne was recently named a Clinton Global Initiative University, for her action plan to establish P+: Safely Making the Grade for Period Positivity, where she works to educate young girls of the negative effects of synthetic products and the positive advantages of reusable products, or organic disposable options to initiate sustainable menstrual habits among school-aged girls. She enjoys nature trails, learning languages (currently learning Chinese and Serbo-Croatian!), and spending time with friends and family. The crossroads of science and society has been a consistent interest of Eryne’s, of which her courses and experiences have helped her realize healthcare as her passion and professional pursuit of medical ethics as it relates to obstetric practices and has developed an interest in dual degree MD/PhD programs upon graduation.

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness focuses on the Well Black Woman, including ALL aspects of wellness. Eryne’s appeal to this internship is based wholly on this focus and her desire to be part of the efforts toward well black women being a reality and not an exception. She is excited to support the mission and engage with some of Madison’s most dedicated change agents through an internship with the Foundation this summer.