Myesha Williams is a Eagan, Minnesota native and rising senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is pursuing a degree in Global Health and Public Policy. She chose this field because she recognizes that the current health system in America is inherently doing more harm than good. Moreover, she says, “minorities rely on the healthcare system to heal us when it happens to be the very system that’s devaluing our livelihood while still casting a financial burden on our lives.” Therefore, Myesha has a strong desire to become a Healthcare Administrator. This will allow her to address the alarming need for Black women to be key decision and policy makers in the healthcare industry for the betterment and sustainability of Black, Brown, and other underrepresented groups. Myesha’s goal upon completing this internship is to know that she made an impact in ensuring better healthcare equity and accessibility for Black women in our community. Myesha is excited to play a role in helping the world realize that Black women deserve equality on all fronts, including the freedom to be unapologetically expressive, the respect to be treated as any other race or gender, and receiving the acknowledgement and appreciation they deserve.