Hi everyone! My name is Nia Foster and I am a graduating senior at Spelman College. I am a biology major and a spanish minor on the pre-med track with the hopes of one day becoming a pediatric physician. I was born in Annapolis, Maryland however during my childhood I moved to Chesapeake, Virginia. I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia for school. In the near future my goal is to go to medical school to become a pediatric physician. I am also interested in getting a masters in public health so that I can do research on topics that cover the bridge between climate change and public health. I am also extremely interested in serving medically underserved communities. I would like to do this not only through serving in the United States, but also traveling to countries where quality medical care is not available to its citizens. I am super excited to be a part of the intern team for the foundation for Black Women’s Wellness as I am excited to work with like minded individuals who care about the health of my community!