Starr Rochelle is New Jersey born and Queens, New York bred, and a first-year graduate student at Rutgers University majoring in Social Work. Her mother was the first woman in her family to receive an advanced degree, and as a single mother she always emphasized the  importance of education. Upon graduating, Starr aspires to engage in clinical work as a therapist before continuing her studies at the Ph.D. level where she plans to focus on research involving the effects of racism on the immune system and develop ways to combat it. As a therapist, Starr would like to have a positive impact on the perinatal community. She believes that improving the overall well-being of mothers physically, mentally, and spiritually would improve the world globally. With 7 years of experience in the health and wellness field as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, Starr has a strong understanding of the human body. The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness will allow Starr the opportunity to learn more about other communities and will allow her to positively impact and qualitatively improve, Black Women’s health/wellness. Starr is over the moon and looking forward to being part of the team that is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve the lives of Black Women near and far.