My name is Felica Turner-Walton. I am from Michigan and raised in Greenwood, MS. I am a wife and mom of 5. I am here to provide a nonjudgmental and liberating experience for all birthing people. I am a firm believer that we understand our bodies best and as a full-spectrum doula I follow your lead as you trust your gut.

I am the Founder of Healing Our Hearts Foundation, where is serve as a Grief Support Specialist and Bereavement Doula. The foundation is rooted in supporting moms and as a birth worker it's my priority to help birthers maintain their body autonomy and be as informed as possible throughout their individual journeys to experience a informed and healthy and successful birthing experience. 

I am committed to building a foundation of trust and mutual respect with those that seek my doula services. I provide trauma informed care by cultivating safety, understanding the healing value of traditional cultural connections, and having a deep awareness of historical traumas within marginalized communities. Your choices will always be validated and supported. I deeply believe in the power of this work and supporting the self-determination of my community.